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Wiperpicks is a website that provides the targeted users with real-time data analytics and insights to help them make wiper size decisions. This website aims to provide the right windshield wiper blades in an easy-to digest manner.

We collect and comply with data from online marketplaces, webpages. Although we make guarantees that all information on our site is accurate, but it’s up-to date as of the latest update.

The wiper blade size you need for your car can be confusing. There are different standards in North America, Europe and Asia but it’s important to know the correct one so that everyone will have an enjoyable drive with clear visibility at all times.

Wiperpicks is actually based off this question: “What Size Wiper Blade Does a Car Use?” The answer seems simple enough – any old number should do as long they’re big enough, .but there are some setbacks when trying to determine if something fits correctly or not because our climate may vary depending on where we live. Plus, each manufacturer has its own specific requirements too which sometimes makes things even more tricky than necessary.

Our team works hard every day to provide you reliable service 24/7, so please contact us if there are any errors or updates needed. The more information you have, the better. This is why we recommend that consumers collect and analyze data from multiple sources to make sound financial decisions for themselves.

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